About me

Hi! My name is Clara and for 15 years I have dedicated myself to accompanying people in their process of self-knowledge and self-healing.

I was born in Mallorca, I studied Fine Arts in Barcelona and Naturopathy (specializing in body therapies) in Berlin, where I lived for 11 years. After working as a massage therapist and reflexologist, I felt that I was missing something. And so I discovered the Grinberg Method, which was a before and after in my life. It helped me to complement my work from body awareness, to take responsibility for my well-being, to know another way to relate to fear and pain, to question my beliefs, to become aware of the power of breathing and learn to stop the reactions from the past. These are very powerful tools that I transmit today during individual sessions.

At the same time I learned with Katharina Felice with her method Stimenergetics to work with the voice in an organic way. I discovered the healing power of song vibration and began exploring its effects with friends and family. The results were incredible. The songs arose from deep listening, beyond rational understanding. From a connection that does not need words but is direct and accurate.

In Colombia my two children were born and I had the opportunity to get to know the use of ancestral medicines and indigenous traditions, full of wisdom, that have inspired me deeply.

After 20 years away from the land of my birth , I have returned and I am happy to share all the knowledge acquired over the years.



· Diploma in Fine Arts. University of Barcelona (1998-2002)

· Training in Alternative Medicine (specialization in body therapies) at the Heilpraktikschule School in Selbstverwaltung, Berlin. (2004-2007)

· Officially qualified by the Grinberg Method, Berlin. (2008-2011)

· Stimmenergetics training, Berlin. (2006-2008)

· Workshops: School of Movement Medicine (2011, 2012, 2013)

· Vision Searches in Ecuador and Colombia (2011, 2012, 2013)

· Workshop: Dragon Dreaming Initiation (2014)

· Workshop: Sacred Femininity in Nabi-Nunhue Pasto, Colombia (2014)

· Workshop: Processwork, Medellín, Colombia (2015)

· Workshop: Care of the uterus with Ramiro Romero Midwife (2019)

Sessions can be given in Catalan, Spanish, English and German.