Body Psycotherapy


In the individual sessions you will learn practical tools that help you increase your levels of attention and ability to listen to your body. These allow you to be more aware of what happens to you, to deal with pain and fear in a constructive way, stop harmful repetitive behaviors and in general create the necessary changes to achieve a better state of health, well-being and personal freedom.

From a foot analysis on the first date, we set the goals we want to achieve. It can be a situation that repeats and is harmful to you but you do not know how to change it, a state of anxiety or anguish, a stressful relationship, a chronic pain (back, migraine, menstrual colic …)

During the individual sessions on the massage table you will become aware of the power of breathing, to be in the present moment and to begin to recognize the dynamics of your body, and our defense systems. And little by little, as we heal we can be at peace with ourselves and with the world.

Session duration: approximately 1 hour.