Deal with pain

How can we recover when we have pain?

Pain is a desperate cry of the body to get our attention and find a remedy as quickly as possible. In reality, our body is constantly looking for balance and well-being. When pain appears in our life, whether due to an accident, before or after an operation or because we have been dragging it for a long time, it is almost always an invitation to stop, pay attention and review how we are living. Are we going fast? What adjustments or changes do we need to make in our life? What are we ignoring?

In the sessions we learn to deal with pain . Often our reaction is quite the opposite, to ignore and wait for it to leave one day. In the case of chronic pain, the longer we try to ignore it, the more the situation worsens and the more difficult it is to heal.

 Being aware of the tensions that we unconsciously repeat in the body and learning to release them and relax allows us to relieve symptoms and heal pain.


The sessions are optimal for:

·Chronic pain (migraine, menstrual pain, hernias and back pain, heartburn, among others)

·Acute pains (burns, sprains, sprains, etc.)

·Preparation before and after operations.

 Session duration: approximately 1 hour.