"The body never lies" Alice Miller

Our body, apart from not lying, is our best guide. Our body’s  messages are accurate, you just have to learn to listen to them. My goal is to give you the necessary tools to increase your attention and body awareness. The benefits? Inner calm, trust in life as a learning process, harmony between your thoughts and actions, ability to recognize your behavior patterns and transform them, take responsibility for your well-being and achieve your goals.

Body Psycotherapy

Based on a foot analysis we set the goals you want to…

Dealing with pain

Pain is a desperate cry of the body to get our attention…

Sound Healing

Sound has been one of the main healing tools  used by cultures…


If you are dealing with one of these situations or symptoms  we can work on it together.

·Personal crisis

·Panic attacks or prolonged episodes of distress

·Chronic or acute pain (migraines, herniated discs, etc).

·Grieving processes

·Problems with your relationships.

·Constant tension and inability to relax.


·Burn out.




For more information or to book a first session, please write me an email to contacto@clarapalau.com and I will answer as soon as posible. Thanks!