“I wanted to try the Grinberg Method sessions with Clara Palau because I had very big pains because of a herniated disc, which greatly limited my mobility and affected my mood. I already had an appointment to have surgery, but before I decided to give it a try and my surprise was that the pain was diminishing until it disappeared. The transit of pain through breathing and relaxation was a great discovery. I started applying it on a daily basis and especially in the most stressful situations. also learned to become aware of my posture and this helped me to understand how I position myself before life and how its consequent correction places me from another angle and of course another way of working. I also went swimming regularly.
On the other hand in the sessions I could understand how my body is sending me clear messages of what it constantly needs, unlike the deceptive chatter of the mind. I’m very grateful.”


“When I arrived at the session (with all the evils of these that we dragged a long time ago and that never get to go completely) the truth is that I did not know very well what Clara Palau’s work consisted of… and I was pleasantly surprised. In addition to becoming aware of the mechanisms of tension acquired and learning to breathe, what struck me most was how I felt once the session was over. I do not remember having reached such a deep and pleasant state of relaxation in a long time, but the most impressive thing is that the pain I had at a very specific point and that had never before disappeared completely (only relieved after going through massages , osteopathy, acupuncture….) I have stopped having it for the first time in life! I am very grateful to this experience and right now (after a few days) I still feel completely liberated. Thank you!


“I have been with Clara in a process of almost 4 years and she really managed to make me feel much more comfortable with my own personality, my emotions and fears and helped me overcome the barriers that I have unconsciously accumulated.I never planned to start a process that would last so long, but after starting, I felt that my daily life benefited so much from the changes, discoveries and the ability to relax that I achieved with it. Apart from these benefits, I also felt that my life began to be more interesting. And in the ups and downs that one can experience in life (such as a broken leg, a mother who has become ill and have a child) it is a great help to be accompanied by a person who has the ability to take root and get learn not to carry the responsibilities of others, learn to deal with anxiety and transform fear into a force that allows you to feel stronger and calmer. I totally recommend trying this experience, for a short or long time »</span«The first day I heard about the Grinberg Method I thought it was something like an alternative healing method similar to Reiki.
Before the first session I was a bit skeptical but from that day I felt a very strong change, I perceived that there was something to learn there and I think that an important part of that learning and the effectiveness of a result is to be honest with what you want , how it really feels to be able to feel good and really make a change. I still do not know how to define it but it is effective, at this moment it is a push in the development of my life since through the sessions I have discovered or awakened better to a new dimension of the body and this has had repercussions at the mental and emotional level solving family conflicts, conditioning and fears. 
I summarize it; this method helps me to remain in the present by training the attention in the body and breathing by rediscovering the body, its energy and its natural and innate abilities”.


“I knew the Grinberg method by chance, in fact I thought that in my life everything was fine, I felt happy and I didn’t need to change anything, although I often felt tense, with backaches and some difficulty breathing. Only in the first session did I know that I was facing a process that was going to change me deeply and forever. Clara helped me to perceive small movements that during the day I was repeating and they got to load my position a lot. I discovered the enormous power of mind and breathing to calm me down and fill me with energy. I lost the fear of feeling pain and regained the desire to be myself regardless of whether others accept me or not. And the best part is that the process, with Clara’s help, has been terribly simple. Week by week we have introduced small changes in my attitude and in my movements. Many times I was very surprised how something as simple as, for example, striving to keep my head up and holding my eyes to others for a few days could move in me so many energies. Now Clara has gone to Colombia, and I use the tools I learned with her to continue feeling calm and powerful. I hope that many people across the ocean take advantage of their love and wisdom”.