WellWork – Noviembre 19, 2023

Este taller será dictado en inglés.

We invite you to participate in this unique WellWork workshop at Osa Major, Mallorca on November 19 from 10 am to 5 pm. Led by Santjes Oomen in collaboration with Clara Palau, this WellWork session will inspire transformation of your inner world and deepen your connection to what guides you.

In this explorative and playful workshop, we bring the Wheel of the Four Directions in motion through sound, storytelling and movement. We will use rituals to integrate our experiences.

Based on the questions that each participant brings, we create rituals that help us to connect to our roots, where we belong, and what it means to share our gifts. Through the cyclical teachings of the Wheel of the Four Directions and the insights that unfold from The Found in Transition wheel — 81 symbolic, archetypal images that Santjes painted — we make resources available that support and strengthen our place on the Wheel of Life.

On this day, we will walk around the Wheel of the Four Directions beginning East – Inspiration to Begin Again; moving to the South – Coming into Your Power; to the West – Following the Path Inward; and the North – Arriving in Quiet Wisdom.